Doloris Petunia

So, because I’m pregnant, I have had very little energy for anything not baby-related. I’ve also been working a lot more outside of the house and trying to figure out how to get our space organized and completed on a limited budget before this baby comes. I’m serious. I want to have it completely finished. A place for everything and everything in its place. Maybe the nesting urge has hit me early, but I have this vision of a serene, light filled, completely organized and visually stimulating environment where I will not only give birth to our baby but will never have to root through boxes filled with junk in order to find something.

My friend Becky asked me if I have a particular project in mind for Baby – no doubt thinking of some of the things I’ve made for friends’ babies in the past. My answer was, “where do I start?” I have too many projects in mind for the baby’s room. Thankfully I have started working steadily on the home projects that sat around in the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy and except for the nursery decor (which changes every 5 minutes) I know what I need to do with every other space in the apartment.

We have a good 7 weeks before we find out if we’re having a girl or boy so even though we’re both convinced we’re having a girl, I’m hesitant to committ to any color choices or design decisions beyond the Jenny Lind crib and high chair I wanted the minute I saw it. But that doesn’t stop me from browsing etsy to find the cutest little booties and sweaters and diaper covers in the world.

Doloris Petunia – while adorable – is NOT the name we have for our girl. It’s the most awesome jewelry store on etsy that I found while I was browsing for more adorable booties and hats this morning.

I am in awe of this bead and rhinestone work!

You can find more of it here and you can see some more eye candy here. If you want to get a live feed of this incredible jewelry as new things come out, you can subscribe on the etsy page or you can become a friend on facebook.

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