Being Pregnant

I have a moment right now, although let me paint this picture for you. Zion my 3 month old “nephew” is asleep in his seat on the recliner while Griff intermittently licks him. “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” is on in the living room, although I can’t hear because of the fan running on my left trying to make a dent in the smoke-filled apartment which was the result of my heating up the oven for my phillo pie lunch. Why was the oven smoking? I think because we had a frozen pizza this week. I have spent the morning searching for and ‘favoriting’ some jewelry supplies because for some reason I have all this energy  this morning. I looked at Google Analytics and found out all these people are looking at my etsy site this month even though I have done almost zero business-wise. Every time I go to the fridge and see Heather Armstrong’s postcard there I feel a stab of guilt and quickly smother it with the chocolate ice cream which was my only motivation to waddle to the kitchen.

Okay, so that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. I’m not waddling yet.

Henry and I went to Ikea yesterday to purchase an organization system for the nursery and front closets. I feel very relieved to have this material but it is currently stacked in the only remaining space in my office not taken up by furniture or piles of things to be organized and covered with our two winter comforters which we finally went to the laundromat to clean yesterday. It was kind of an ordeal. I never knew that simple projects would feel so much more cumbersome during pregnancy. I’m only 14 weeks pregnant. My baby is the size of a lemon, but I feel huge and sluggish and hot and not at all motivated. Except for today.

So here’s my list of things I WILL get done before this baby is ready to come out of me.

Organize the closets, refinish 1-4 pieces of furniture for & decorate nursery (which may include as many things as: making curtains, patching walls, making pillows, crocheting a blanket, framing & hanging wall decor, finding a second-hand dresser for a changing table & making a skirt and bumper for the crib), set up work space in the nursery, re-paint our bedroom & headboard, put together a kick-ass trunk show with talented friends for early Fall, make jewelry for said trunk show and winter months, make sure everything in our house is organized and clean & prepare the apartment for a home birth.

Any bets on how many things I’ll actually finish? 🙂

But, oh how exciting it is feeling a little more obstruction in my lower belly day by day. I can’t press my tummy against the counter while I’m washing dishes anymore and when I lean forward I can feel the big roundness of my uterus pressing into my other organs. It’s so weird. I can also easily feel the rounded top of my uterus with my hands and imagine that my little babe can feel it when I poke *her.* Yes, we think it’s a girl. We won’t be disappointed if it’s not, but I will be VERY excited if it is. I can’t tell you how aggrivating it is not to know yet what we are having. I have to wait, like, 6 weeks before we do find out. I really want an excuse to look at baby clothes and pick out fabrics for the nursery, so I guess it’s a good thing from our apartment’s viewpoint that I don’t know yet.

Oh my gosh…funny thing today on the way to pick up Zion. I have been cruising around Craig’s List and driving by garage sales a lot lately to find nursery furniture. I found the crib I wanted for $50 and a rad vintage rocker for FREE. Plus living in the posh Chicago suburbs means there is a wealth of great baby stuff like new just waiting to be found by someone like me. I have had to steer clear of some of these garage sales for that reason. See above: not knowing the sex of our child. Anyway, I was sort of looking around while I drove up my back way to Schaumburg and for a split second got really excited at a for sale sign posted on the front of a lawn mower. I think I need to step away from the bargains.

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