Milford, MI

October 23, 2009

IMG_1593 IMG_1596 IMG_1688

IMG_1689 IMG_1702

These are just a few snapshots from Chris Scherf’s home town – where we spent this last weekend with the Scherfs and the Davises




It was a lot of fun. Totally worth the 5 hour drive each way! I love Michigan. On Saturday we went first to “The Nesting Place.” Chris got a whole lot more pictures of the uber-shabby-chic pieces in this store than this, but here is a taste






At this store, Henry and I splurged big time and bought a bird-cage. A humongous bird cage. Like, we can breed our own finches now. Merry and Pippin ought to be real happy, once we have the space to actually put it in our apartment. Right now it’s shoved against the wall, where it will remain until we move – which will hopefully be soon!


We also went to Spicer’s for the world’s best hot apple cider and fresh, hot cinnamon donuts. Sarah hasn’t been lying all this time when she keeps mentioning it. They were insane.



Doesn’t this post sound like a second-grade book report? Vote yes or no.


3 Responses to “Milford, MI”

  1. Sarah Scherf Says:

    Yes. I vote yes. but a damn good book report.

  2. Boomscearce Says:

    I’m always searching for new articles in the world wide web about this topic. Thankz!!

  3. […] got the idea from a store in Millford, where we also got our huge cage. For two or three days after we put them in their new home, Merry […]

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