I promise there will be eye candy at the end of this post. Just so you know. Hang in there.

Okay, where to begin? I have had a busy couple of weeks. There are so many exciting things coming up in my life that I can hardly keep it all straight. The week before last I did not post at all because I was working on the stunning eye candy you are going to behold at the end of this post. It is custom jewelry for my friend Katie’s wedding – for her bridesmaids and her. She’s getting married here in Wheaton on Thanksgiving weekend and I’m so sad I can’t be there – we’re visiting Henry’s 99 year old g-pa. Maybe not many more of those visits left.

So…all week while I was painstakingly stringing beads I was watching seasons 1-4 of “Bones.” You know…Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz. She’s a forensic anthropologist, he’s an FBI agent. They are inexplicably partners and solving crimes which are mostly but not always technically federal jurisdiction. Oh, and they are currently in an extremely repressed love-affair. Anyway…I watched this show so much that I began dreaming I was joking to David Boreanaz that he ought to express himself artistically by cutting some guest star’s hair. I’m off Bones now, so this isn’t happening anymore. Whew.


Anyway, while I was watching this quality television programming on DVD and the internet I realized that Emily Deschanel – and for that matter all of the female stars of the show – is always wearing some pretty killer jewelry. And then I got one of those little lightbulbs over my head and thought: “Katie Krentz (my Lauryn-Hill-dancing-show-tune-singing-funny-girl-blow-kissing-high-school-summer-theater-friend) works at Fox. Bones is on Fox. Maybe she knows someone on Bones who could hand some jewelry to the wardrobe people to see.”

And friends. That’s is exactly what is going to happen. I figure…what have I lost if nothing happens? Aside from some of my hard-earned money? Even if my jewelry doesn’t make it to E.D.’s throat on national television; even if I NEVER get to joke around with David Boreanaz about haircuts SOMEONE MIGHT SEE MY JEWELRY. Like, maybe the wardrobe ladies won’t put it on the show, but they’ve still gotta wield some kind of fashion power, be it ever so small in the grand scheme of things. So.

Katie Krentz is my friend from two summers of LaPorte Little Theater musicals. In 1999 and 2000 we were part of the illustrious casts of “Guys and Dolls” and “Kiss Me Kate,” respectively. We got pretty close those two years – me, Katie and Sam. I haven’t talked to Sam in years, which is a shame, but Katie has gone on to work her way up in the ranks at Fox and to produce and write in several other projects, the most current of which is “Cassettes from my Ex” along with Jason Bitner of Found Magazine. People. This is some pretty cool shit. And thank you Katie for being willing. Now my challenge is to make something to fit with the Bones aesthetic while staying true to my own. It’s like my very own little Project Runway.

So…in the midst of getting some really awesome photography from Emily J Anderson I found out that one of her readers – Emily Fiffer of Daily – liked my jewelry enough to call me up and interview me! That happened yesterday and I will be in the daily email on Friday. So if you want to see it, go to and sign up for the free Chicago area newsletter. It’s a pretty cool thing to get anyway.

What else? Oh, I got to go horseback riding yesterday. You should have seen me trying to ride English style for the first time ever, post like I’m supposed to, hold the crop without freaking out the horse and not fall off all at the same time. Turns out you get sore the next day if you aren’t used to that sort of thing. And you have bruises on the insides of your knees. But it was worth it to get out of the suburbs and see some fields and pretty trees.

Okay, here’s the penultimate thing! I love that word: penultimate. I really like “Friday Night Lights.” It’s another instance of quality television programming into which I have been almost literally sucked. I have become a shameless t.v. junkie during bouts of intense jewelry making. I will rip through whole seasons in two or three days. It’s kind of sickening, actually.

Anyway – back when I was making my whole Fall and Holiday line I picked up FNL season 1 at the Wheaton Public Library. This kind of thing never ends well. I end up having to see as much of it as has been produced and so I spend more money than I should either renting or downloading more seasons. But this one was really worth it. I have started saying “ya’ll” with abandon. But not just for that reason.


I have to admit, I was initially skeptical. My DAD likes it. He has expressed disgust that it was cancelled on regular network television. My thought was that there was already enough football on t.v. without there needing to be a show about football. Also, Texas. And manufactured glory. But I LOVE it. I don’t just love the characters or the cute actors. I love the football and the Texas and the glory and the great music and the great stories. In fact this fall whenever we have passed or heard a high school football game happening Henry or I will say, “Look honey! Friday Night Lights! Glory!”

Okay…here’s the eye candy.


Whoops! Hee hee.

Here is Katie’s jewelry. She is wearing a strapless sweetheart dress with a birdcage veil. So no necklace, but two yummy bracelets on her right hand and these great earrings. I’ll let the bridesmaid’s jewelry be a surprise in case any of you reading this are them. 🙂





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  1. Aw man, that picture of me looks really good. Aren’t you glad you married such a hunk? 😉

    I love it, honey, you’re living it up and reminding me to enjoy life. Maybe someday your dream to meet David B./Angel will come true..



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