My anniversary ring

I love jewelry. Someday on this blog I’m going to write about editing your accessories. Do you ever see someone (or maybe you ARE this person; and if you are you’ll know it) who you can tell loves jewelry a little TOO much? Like maybe they are wearing five rings on one finger? I saw someone wearing five rings on her pinky yesterday and let me tell you that was nothing compared to the amount of jewelry in her bathroom. I’m hoping to make this person into a good customer. The weird thing was that she wasn’t otherwise overloaded with jewelry. She wasn’t even wearing a wedding band; just five rings on her left pinky finger. They were pretty, don’t get me wrong. There’s a certain little-girl part in all of us which just loves sparkly things and wants to put as many of them as possible on our adult bodies. That’s why women love diamonds. Come on, even if you are morally opposed to the diamond industry (as I am) and even if you prefer something more natural most of the time, you think diamonds are pretty. You know you do.

Okay, just a little deviation here. I know that it’s okay for guys to like diamonds, but don’t ya’ll think it looks kind of weird for a guy to have five fat diamonds set across the top of his wedding band? I mean a STRAIGHT guy. Someone else I know wore a wedding band like that and every time he pointed something out to me I couldn’t help but stare. This was a very straight-laced, precise man. Incongruous! Anyway…

I love jewelry. But I have seen it abused. I’ll end there.

This ring is a morganite stone (of the Beryl family) set in white gold. That’s an Art Nouveau setting – turn of the century – popular right around the time Morganite was found. This one, however, is a reproduction from Antique Jewelry Mall. Originally they thought Morganite was very rare because they’d never found Beryl that color so it was popular at the time with the ladies. J.P. Morgan (that’s right, Mr. Chase himself) was the biggest collector of it. It was named Morganite in honor of him.

In these photos it looks really pink, but it can look very peach too – which is why I love it. It’s very beautiful. Thank you, Henry.




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  1. I think I know who this 5-ring-on-a-pinky-lady might be!! LOL! I caught that too and it tickled me pink… and gold… and silver… and amatheyst… and of course, diamond.

    love it,

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