Wyatt turned One!


I’m not a huge birthday person. I mean, I like my own birthday and I like to celebrate the birth of my kids and my husband, but not with huge parties every time. In fact, we didn’t even have cake for Gilead’s birthday this year. But for both boys’ first birthdays I just felt like celebrating. For a parent, it’s a huge milestone. I think making it through the first year of a baby’s life is akin to making it through labor and delivery. Although I have to say 3 is turning out to be as much of a challenge – if in a different way.

Anyway, I realized yesterday as I was perusing all of our old photos that I hadn’t posted these amazing ones Harold (Henry’s stepdad) took. There are many more beautiful images that didn’t make it to the post. He’s really good!


Hard to remember it was this hot outside at one point.


drinking the bubbles.


What did you think about that Rosie?


He took to cupcakes very easily.





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