So, for the first time in a loooooong time I am going to link up to and post a {pretty, funny, happy, real} (Those of you who read this or know me at all or have ever had a 30 second conversation with me have heard me mention “the catholic lady blog,” which is my favorite. Every Thursday they do a context of contentment post. I like that. I look forward to it. I’m always mentally filing things under one or other of those headings.



This is a picture from Henry’s sister’s phone. She came on his birthday to watch the boys for a little bit while we went out for dinner. She sent me this picture a month or so later. But my most amazing piece of {happy} is the new computer I’m using to type this entry. It’s the only way I could be typing it because ALL of my media was failing me. We got a HUUUUUGE tax return and decided this was a much-needed priority. Henry got it set up for me this morning and I am already in heaven.



I told Henry this morning, we live in the Fortress of Solitude. Enough said, I believe.




Right after Christmas we got (with the help of my family) the other apartment painted, finally. It houses our playroom and Henry’s office and  we’re renting the other part of it – hopefully soon to a nice gentleman. The difference of a coat of paint is amazing. And there’s the teepee I made. Three times. Third time is the charm, I guess.



We moved our dinging table out to the common area, so it’s next to our living room furniture. Thus, I guess, feels more like living room furniture and made to be climbed-on-top-of. I am forever getting Wyatt off of the table. Here, I guess, they were playing nicely – which was nice – but on top of the table, thus the slightly guilty looks I got.

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