Adieu, Christmas break. We will miss you.

We spent most of our time in Kettering, OH this last week and a half and I was far too busy re-gaining 5 lbs, visiting with family and watching Rehab Addict to take photos. Here are  few from our last, precious days together.


{We went to the Morton Arboretm train exhibit on New Year’s Eve}


{We lost count of how many times he said “Yay!” By the way, his vocabulary is exploding lately. It’s so fun.}


{a moody, album cover photo. I was playing with our new camera}


{what Sprootle was doing}




{our family crest, on a onesie made by auntie Sarah, originally. It has a ship on the front}


{zombie themed magnet poetry for H from J}


{Auntie Jo and John hung out with us a bit}




{fake tilt shift is awesome. way to go cannon.}

4 thoughts on “Adieu, Christmas break. We will miss you.

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  1. i know! henry gets so poetic about zombies. and i love our new camera!! and having auntie jo here!!! we miss you!

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