A Walk in the Rain

So…it’s been a non-stop party over here in the Shuffle household for almost 3 months. I’m sitting still on the couch with Griff at this moment, desultorily eating my breakfast and watching the finches play and I’m thinking that after two vacations and two family gatherings in Indiana – not to mention a funeral and a 100th birthday party – THIS is the moment I’ve truly been waiting for.

I know I haven’t really posted any new designs. I want you to rest assured that there are some new ones in my head and there are some stunning fuschia seed beads sitting at my table. On top of all the traveling, I’ve also been more focused on home design. Damn you Design Sponge! Actually, it’s not just them. Ever since I’ve started receiving Better Homes and Gardens & House Beautiful every month I am awash with schemes to make this apartment PERFECT. I think it’ll be a neverending quest. Mostly, however, I’ve been keeping my eyes open and gathering ideas for all sorts of projects – jewelry and otherwise. It seems like every place we’ve gone this summer has been packed with eye candy: the exposed rock cliffs and rolling green of West Virginia, the budding plants on our prairie path, the neverending treasure trove that is Hawai’i (that post is coming), even the straggly wildflowers and climbing honeysuckle in the woods behind my parents house in Indiana. There is so much beauty in the world!

I will just leave you with a few pictures from our first outing with Griffy back in April and we’ll meet again once I sort through all of these Hawai’i pictures. Thanks for coming back!

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