drum roll please…

Well, I never thought I could do it, having only taken 2/3 a semester of basic construction and patternmaking, but I did! And I wore it to Megan and Tim’s incredibly beautiful and incredibly hot wedding. So here is the dress. With a necklace I also made for myself for the wedding. I think the feather idea is going to big a big part of my fall collection. 🙂



Here’s the whole outfit: chocolate patent slingbacks, chocolate faux snakeskin skinny belt, 3 strand gold sparkle seed beads w/ fuschia flower and found feather necklace. (I found it at Madison Meadows while frisbee golfing).



I have to complain a little about this picture. Why do I always get stuck on the outside, closest to the camera so that I look huge compared to everyone else?


By the way, I made the bridesmaids’ necklaces which you can kind of see in this picture. Oh, and I made the earrings although I didn’t pick the beads. More to come on that!


3 thoughts on “drum roll please…

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  1. I’m worried about you after reading your comment about the wedding pic! For reals, if you think you look big–and I don’t say this to flatter–that is not good! Because you’re not! Banish the thought, or else!!!!

    1. Ha! No, it’s not that I think I look fat, it’s that I always get stuck with the crappy angles. I’m always the one on the outside, closest to the camera so that perspective-wise I look bigger than everyone else. 🙂

  2. So, agreed. Even with the “perspective” you aren’t the biggest looking. Just saying that objectively but I have problems with photo objectivity too so I understand. (And also can’t believe you guys did Weight Watchers…you’re both so lean already..again objectively and also as someone who actually is overweight.)

    But what I really wanted to say was cool dress and I love feathers! Hooray, more feather jewelry.

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