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What is the fabric in the background of the previous post you ask? Well, you probably don’t, but it’s been on my mind. I’m trying to make a dress for my friends’ Megan and Tim’s wedding on Aug. 15th. For myself. I bought a bunch of this white cotton fabric from my friend Suzy and attempted to dye about 5 yards of it chartreuse. Yep. It’s not the easiest color to get if you are using RIT dye in a bucket in the sink and the fabric is extra wide so there is a whole bunch of it. It came out a lot brighter and more tie-dyed than I had originally intended (she says dryly). But hey – I had so much good, sweaty fun doing it. No, but seriously…I bleached some of the color out so now it’s a nice light celery green. I also cut it all on the bias for extra stretch. Oh! You’ll be wanting to know what it’s supposed to look like when it’s done. I’m planning to make the skirt with layers of ruffles – also cut on the bias so I don’t have to hem them all. If you want an explanation of what this all means, please ask in a comment and I’ll tell you!

So…the skirt will be a pencil skirt with the layers of ruffles. I’m going to roll the straps into spaghetti straps and add some kind of flowery thing to one side of the neckline. I’m going to roll-hem the collar all the way around so I don’t have to face the top and leave it sheer so I can wear an aqua tank underneath. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with the chartreuse/aqua combo? Well, I am. Just look at my store logo. IF I can pull all this off (oh, by the way I’ll be hand attaching an invisible zipper because I have no zipper foot on my sewing machine), I’ll be wearing a cute skinny dark brown patent belt that matches some cute slingback flats (outdoor wedding) and clutch purse. I’m excited! I hope it works! More to come!!!



Here is the last piece of the pattern I made and cut out. Yikes. And this is also the fabric pre-bleached. Not a yummy color for a dress, I don’t think.



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