earrings i love

This is a pair I think will be part of my fall and holiday collection. I love these dark red faceted beads with the chocolate velvet and freshwater pearls. yum! It makes me think of winter evenings by the fire.


I was inspired last night by the pair (in the middle) I was commissioned to make for my friend Kirsten. She had specific requests. They were supposed to be shaped like my green drop earrings but with red as a main color. I hope she likes them! I’m always a fan of aqua and red. The ones on the left are my forest earrings, reserved for Kirsten and then she wanted the forest earrings in brown – on the right. I like the crocheted beads I found on etsy from elfandpakrat. The gorgeous red beads were from acorn alley destash on etsy and the aqua drops were from gemme tresor. When I’m shopping for something specific on etsy (and it does get very specific) I’m always surprised by how much comes up when I type in exactly the size and color I’m looking for.




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