Upcoming Back-to-School promotion

My friend Samantha Campen, who is an experienced blogger and who, incidentally, wore some of my jewelry at the Blogher convention in Chicago this weekend and handed out business cards for me (very nice of her I know), gave me some ideas for getting word of my new business out to the public. She gave me several suggestions for review/giveaway blogs where I could get some exposure by sending in a sample for review. That is how I “met” Angie of myfourmonkeys.com who is going to be receiving three necklaces in the mail soon.


This is Angie’s necklace “before” and I don’t have a picture of the after. I will be making a duplicate to put in my store – whenever I can get the company to send me the right color button. 


I’m really excited about this one and the next. My first little girls’ necklaces! They will come in several colors. Her girls’ favorite colors were, of course, pink and purple. 🙂 So this necklace has a pink button (so cute) with fuschia glass beads.


This one has a purple button with two different colors of purple seed beads. I strung all three on this great elastic string material to make it easier to take on and off. I think it will also make the necklaces more durable and “play friendly.” I know Angie has a very young son, so hopefully it will survive being pulled a few times, unlike the delicate metal pins.

So, starting August 1st, my necklaces are going to be reviewed by Angie, on her blog as part of a back to school kickoff she’s doing with a few other bloggers. My designs will be feature on Wednesday Aug. 12th. And again, that’s myfourmonkeys.com. I’m so excited! I hope to get plenty of traffic through my etsy site. Even if someone doesn’t buy something the first time around, I know from experience that I keep going back to my favorites.

Thank you Angie!


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