This week’s eye candy – other jewelry sellers on Etsy

These first two pictures are from emunique’s shop on etsy. I have this ring in my favorites because it’s so cool. All of her stuff is so sumptuous and colorful. I want all of it! 





These fern earrings are from blissiful’s shop on etsy. I wasn’t going to post more than three shops, but I saw these and gasped in my head. I just couldn’t resist. They are incredible.



These next two really unique pieces are from sofiamasri’s shop on etsy. They are all handmade porcelain. I love her colors and patterns. 



The last seller today is missrubysue. Judging by her store, she’s doing really well. It looks like everything she has on there was featured on some famous venue. Way to go Missrubysue! I love her stuff, of course. She makes headpieces and other things, but I just love these bib necklaces. They are truly huge, but the proportions are great so they aren’t overpowering. It looks like she includes some vintage finds as well. So yummy!




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