This is my new nalgene. I lost my old one somewhere in Minnesota after Christmas. I got a great lakes sticker for it, which I just love. Those are carrot banana paleo muffins – sans any type of sugar – and that makes me happy because they were delicious and we’re back in the saddle. Plus the cake stand and dome makes me happy because I love bell jars and I finally have one of my own.



This is Piggle’s first picture using the big heavy camera. Well, one of his first. It was on the multi-picture setting, so we got quite a few of this corner of the play room.



Paleo chick-fil-a. It did not taste like chick-fil-a but it was delicious. And after all that work (most of these are in our freezer now), neither of my sons wanted to even taste one. Sigh.




I love this quality of light and his little mouth making train noises. Getting rid of our t.v. has been unbelievably hard and unbelievably successful. Meaning, I’m seeing improvements in all areas: language, obedience, play, creativity. Also, I’m now VERY aware of the holes in his “education” thus far. Like, how he doesn’t know how to help clean up. Oops. Or sit at the table for a meal. But one step at a time. I find that, being engaged in life myself now, I am more able to be clear-headed about what needs to happen to get him where he needs to be, on a moment by moment basis. And that is worth getting rid of anything. I thought I couldn’t do motherhood without the break t.v. affords, and I find it’s actually quite the opposite. It was hindering me from much more than I thought. It wasn’t that I was constantly watching it myself (although it was happening far too often), it was that getting rid of that voice made everything else so much more clear.

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