Tonight I am taking my great-grandmother’s potato soup and my wonderful chocolate chip muffins to two families who have newborn baby girls. I have been on a hat-making streak these last few months (and particularly lately) and I am so proud of myself for actually finishing these in time to send them with the soup. Sometimes it helps to have a deadline.


I found this beautifully illustrated Hans Christian Anderson book, these bigger sized zipper pajamas (Gilead almost always puts one or both legs through the gaps in the snap kind at night) and three nice cloth diaper covers (two in his size and one smaller…doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the next one) for $2.15 at the thrift store next to one of the grocery stores where I shop. I went in on a whim.


Piggle’s activity does not wane. We have taken to describing his curiosity as “insatiable” and “unstoppable.” Henry has found that the best way to ensure Piggle’s happiness and safety as well as a quick rest for himself is to lie on the floor while Piggle happily crawls over and around him.


The muffins currently sitting on my table which are tempting me to eat them. I have cleverly planned the exact amount needed for the three families to whom I’m giving them, leaving not one for myself. Why, you ask? Well, because we are giving up sugar and most grains for the time being. Sugar, probably, hopefully, forever. There’s a whole deal about the doctor Henry is now seeing for his chronic fatigue (doctor number 103 or something like that) and his take on diet and healing and then there’s a whole thing about books I’ve read and a suspicion that I’ve got an addiction to sugar and a sensitivity to it that is affecting many areas of my life, but that’s another post I may or may not get to. Suffice it to say that I feel better than I have in a long time and have already lost 5 lbs this week, basically. Honestly, it felt like it happened overnight. But the very real part is that I still have cravings and these stinking muffins aren’t helping! šŸ™‚

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  1. Jen, Let me know what the diet does for you. Brett just did an extreme gluten-free, sugar free, dairy-free diet. I think there was improvement, but not enough to motivate him to continue to this extreme. Plus the time factor for food prep became difficult for me at the end of pregnancy/beginning infancy stage.

    1. Hey Kylie! I will. The main thing he’s doing, though, is this Nutrition Response Testing. If you don’t know about it and you google it, it’s going to look super weird. Our Dr. has explained a lot of the theory behind it, but it’s still definitely not a mainstream practice. šŸ™‚ The great thing about it, though, is that he can find out what the body may be combating that may not show up on regular tests, which has been Henry’s deal. All mainstream testing has always come up totally negative for anything. So far, he’s pinpointed problems with Henry’s thyroid and Henry has started on suppliments for that. Dr. Zumhagen says his diet doesn’t have to be perfect for this to be effective, but that he’s seen more rapid improvement in patients who totally give up sugar. I’m reading this book “Licking The Sugar Habit” – all the info taken from medical studies – which, as you probably know, tells of how sugar disrupts, or can disrupt and wear down any or many major bodily functions. Dr. Zumhagen has said his chronic fatigue cases generally take the longest to heal and can be the most complex. Anyway, he’s going for an initial 12 sessions with him and they’ll reassess at the end depending on the level of improvement, if any. But you are right. It’s a difficult diet to maintain for many reasons and I totally understand not sticking with it in the postpartum stage. I do wonder, though, how it could positively impact my second pregnancy WHENEVER THAT HAPPENS – TOTALLY NOT MAKING ANY ANNOUNCEMENT RIGHT NOW – because I was not a good eater with the first and I had a great delivery but I did gain a lot of weight.

      Anyway…I think of you and Brett often with the fatigue. Praying for you! And yes, I will update.

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