{phfr} – It’s that time again?!

I can’t believe Auntie Jo’s been gone for a week. On Monday we drove (well, I drove) up to WI to be with my parents so I wouldn’t go crazy with just me and Piggle all week. Although I did have a few friends offer to help. Community is so great. So here we are for another day. I think we’re going to the zoo today, so there may be some great pictures in next week’s installment. One can only hope.


It would also pass for funny or real, I think. He was neither a willing nor a good model here, but the “pretty” part is the hat which I actually finished for friends who just had a boy. It’s in the colors of our Alma Mater (Wheaton) to hopefully tempt them to attend a football game at homecoming this year. Sigh.

happy. This is Piggle eating his first french fry. I’ve recently been worried that he’s not getting a lot of vegetables – this was not an exception in case you were wondering; just a way to keep him occupied during lunch – so I bought some jars of baby food peas and green beans. Did he like them? Not in the least. In fact, he gagged. Sigh. Again.

This story isn’t really happy, but it is funny: we’d originally been seated by the little waterfall on the opposite side of the patio but upon seeing it, Gilead became quite agitated and would not stop alternately crying in fear and craning to look at it until we were moved. So, waterfalls are apparently #3 on the Piggle fears list, right behind pool noodles (#1) and kong dog toys (#2).


Note: he wasn’t actually given any beer, so never fear. He just always insists upon trying to grab and take a sip of anyone’s drink.


So many things going on in this picture. First, Piggle is so very beefy, which I love. AND he’s standing in the tub, which you would think isn’t very safe but when he falls, he just slides and he never cries. He loves the tub. Which is why he was in there while I was getting some doilies ironed on Friday night so I could make a doily runner for a wedding gift the next day. I can’t believe I’ve made two gifts this week! It’s because I haven’t had to cook. I think I need to work on getting up earlier. I discovered that if I go to bed with Piggle, I can wake up when he does and feel ok, so maybe I will try to be better about that when Henry gets home. I just have to figure out a way to cook AND make things.

4 thoughts on “{phfr} – It’s that time again?!

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  1. I love these posts. Good job blogging AND caring for Piggle AND making things, all in one week :).

    P.S. Come home soon!

    P.P.S. I would like to place an order for a baby hat for the end of January. with a pointy. you pick the colors :). adorbs!!

    1. Ditto on all three accounts.
      1. so happy you tell us what’s going on
      2. get home already
      3. baby hat order. January. totally delicious on Gilead. He’s a better model than you think ๐Ÿ™‚

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