Not such a fail

I tried to upload a few videos from our vacation to youtube and that was a fail, but I succeeded in figuring out how to add an image that links to my favorite blog’s {pretty, happy, funny, real} Thursdays, converting from blogspot to wordpress no less. I feel pretty good about this. So, by next Thursday I need to have photos for all four categories. It’s an exercise in capturing the contentment of everyday life. You can read about it by clicking the link on my sidebar. It’s the one with the chicken on it.

So many things come up when I try to sit and write, as I have half a dozen times since May, that I almost think God may be trying to tell me blogging isn’t really my thing. Although to be fair, I have spent a fair amount of the time I could be using to blog on Pinterest instead – my new obsession, follow me here – so I really shouldn’t attribute things to God He doesn’t deserve. It’s just that it takes me so long to write anything and it is rare that I get more than 45 minutes to myself in a day. Today I figured out the {phfr} link only thanks to Piggle’s happiness. It’s not every day he can entertain himself for so long.

He really is doing so well. Everywhere I go, he gets fussed over and no one else can withstand his fist-in-mouth grin either. He learned to crawl, sit up and pull to a stand more or less in one week, which lead to our 24 hour sojourn at the hospital because of a fall and subsequent brain injury. Yes. Brain injury. Don’t be afraid, it was a very MINOR brain bleed with no lasting repercussions.

I decided to keep working on this post on Saturday, so I DO have video!! This is Piggle two days after his fall. He is UNSTOPPABLE.

This week he is working very diligently on sitting down after he has gotten himself to a stand. He gets progressively less scared and therefore cries less every day that he practices. He still doesn’t like to fall, though.

I am getting by. All of this activity and growth amounts to Piggle needing me all night more than he ever has. I’m glad I read good ol’ Dr. Sears to refresh my memory this week and to keep me from trying crazy things that probably wouldn’t work anyway just to get some sleep. He’s an all-night nurser and wants to be right in the crook of my arm until about 3:30 or 4 when he inexplicably doesn’t want anything but is just very put-out. Usually that’s when Henry takes and walks him so I can get some solo sleep. It’s tiring. Some mornings I am not fit to talk to when Henry puts Piggle in the bed again at 7 so he can get ready for work. But I’m always surprised by how easily I can get out of bed and make breakfast. I don’t know where the energy reserves are coming from. God is good.

In the intervening months since I wrote last, I have been cooking and buying our food more frugally and yummily than ever before (If you read this and are interested you can scroll down her page and see the “Happy Home: Food Organization” posts all listed) – with a break this last month for our own vacation and that of the family for whom I cook. Cleaning and laundry could definitely take up the rest of my energy, if not the time I have, but I have been seeing friends and reading a bit. So many projects around my house are calling out to me, but as soon as I think I have a moment to start one I realize that I’d better shower or it might not happen for that day and by then Piggle is awake and needing me. I have just enough time (energy, resources, etc.) to do what I’m doing and some days I’m okay with that and some days I’m sad I’m not making anything or stressed that I should’ve started someone’s gift and haven’t yet. We probably watch too much t.v. (which is a feat since we don’t have a television or our own internet).

I want to post pictures of some kind of creative project, but for the last week or so Pinterest has afforded me all the creative fun I have time for. Maybe I could post pictures of food I make if it’s super yummy and somewhat creative. We’ll see. I’m determined to at least participate in {phfr} each week AND to post a weekly video of Piggle for his Auntie Jo WHO…

Is leaving us for grad school in North Carolina next week. Sad and funny story all together: I was crying about this all last weekend and in the early part of the week. On Monday when I was lying in bed feeding Piggle I started crying quite heartily and he misinterpreted my sobs as laughter and started giggling himself. It was just a giggle or two at first but when I looked down and saw his adorable face grinning up at me I couldn’t help myself and started laughing too, so we were lying there side by side on my bed just laughing ourselves silly for no reason. Babies are good for that kind of thing.

Henry is still searching, searching, searching for a job. We’ve tentatively come to the conclusion that it would be really sad and almost pointless for us to leave here. Even IF we find a job that pays substatially more than this one, were we to move to a city where no one we know lives, we might be more well-off financially but I’d feel even more isolated and lonely than I do already. Not to mention not being able to find another church like this one very easily anywhere else. I don’t want to commit to anything, but I think that we’ll stay. So that’s really, really happy for me. One doesn’t just stumble into a community like this anywhere.

What else? Oh! Speaking of my community: I’m for sure going to be on the worship team again which makes me really excited. Piggle spent his first service in the nursery last week because he’s starting to hate being couped-up and it’s a long service for a little person. Plus, being around other kids is one of the main joys in his young life and what better place? They are, after all, his future best friends. I am also entering talks with our women’s ministry leader this next week to reinstate the mom’s ministry and probably some kind of creative workshop nights through the Fall. I’m super excited about this. I taught a jewelry-making class at our Women’s Retreat last Spring that was full of eager women and sadly short on time. I want to do it right. And then I want to offer classes for all kinds of things: photography, writing, painting, knitting & crocheting, etc. Done right, this could be a great outreach ministry too.

Hopefully I’m not getting in over my head this Fall. At least I won’t be pregnant. Hopefully.

Here’s a video of Piggle from yesterday where he’s doing most of his new things:

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  1. I’m glad to read this post, Jenn, even if blogging doesn’t turn out to be your thing. I can relate to exhaustion, though you’re experiencing it to a much higher degree. I’ve been thinking of you often, so thankful for your breakfast and hospitality and help our last morning (especially) in Glen Ellyn. Your self, your son, your home and your breakfast created such a beautiful oasis in a stressful morning. It was the most stressful day I’ve had in years. But your presence was a gift. Thank you. I pray these new opportunities with church are life-giving and fill your well of creativity and life this year. I wish I could be there to participate. Blessings.

    1. Thank you Taryn! I’m so glad I could offer that…it was stressful watching it happen. 😦 I’m glad it’s over.

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