Pet Peeves, Vol. 1

I am working on a) a post about my first (of three in my lifetime) best friend and b) not getting sick. So in the meantime, here are a few of my least favorite things:

#1 – this is a new one but very important as it is cropping up in all the design-related material that I view


Sorry to all you modophiles out there who want to decorate with furniture which has “no visual weight.” I will take all of mine plus 1 weight unit, please. Clear is not a color and this does not look like furniture to me as it does not look like something upon which I’d like to rest any part of my body. It reminds me of the SNL skits of the people with the same names in the same haircuts who live in the Manhattan apartment with all the ridiculous designer furniture like “hair chair.” Some trends are just stupid.

#2 – Needs no introduction:


I grew up in a small town CHOCK FULL of these people. Somehow I’ve gotten into another only here people don’t always wave. They just sit there: three people intent on waiting the other two out. People. Learn about 4-way stop rules and FOLLOW THEM, please. If you get there first, GO FIRST.


I would like to meet the person who can go confidently through one of these suckers without a “I just crapped my pants” waddle. Especially in the winter when you are wearing bulky clothing and carrying any kind of bag. I’m just waiting for the day I lose a finger in one of these. Henry thinks it’s funny to jump into my compartment at the last minute. I’m not sure if he does or does not know how much this freaks me out. Also, I’ve always thought it would be funny to try to send a fart through.

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  1. I think grandpa helped invent Lucite when he worked at DuPont… but this probably isn’t the best use of it, though 🙂

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