I made this

This is a photo I took of myself yesterday because I was all proud of having finished this shirt – a series of 5 I made from some of Henry’s old white t-shirts and vintage lace. I’m so glad to finally be done with them! Now I have some additions to my spring wardrobe and I get to have that pile of t-shirts out of my very messy office. Do you like my hair, by the way? It is currently in a “what have I done?” stage. I pretty much look like a raggamuffin because I cut it myself – after having grown my bangs out for over a year, colored it once, permed it, cut bangs again, razored layers around my face and then chopped my bangs off. I just can’t leave it alone.

Speaking of this shirt, I found out the boutique where I used to work – www.mysisterkateonline.com – moved to Hinsdale and decided on a whim to go visit yesterday. I haven’t seen those ladies for three years, so when Joanne recognized me and I happened at the moment to be eyeing the baby clothes with my hand on my tummy (for no particular reason) wearing that shirt, it was obvious she thought I was pregnant. She kept glancing down at my stomach while she was asking me what was new. Finally, as tactfully as she could, she asked if I we had any plans for kids any time soon. I was like…”maybe.” I wish I could have just said, “I know I had my hand on my stomach and that I’m wearing a maternity shirt and looking at baby clothes, but I’m not pregnant…I promise. Hilarious coincidence.” I mean, I COULD have but where is the fun in that?

It puts me in mind of another time I was mistaken for being prego. I don’t know what it is! I don’t have a perfectly flat tummy but I don’t think I look pregnant…really. It must be my penchant for empire waist shirts. I was at the tailor getting a bridesmaid dress fitted. He was this little Italian guy with an accent. I was wearing a long tank top with a little cropped shrug sweater over it that buttoned right at the bust – so I guess that’s what made him think it. I’m just standing there minding my own business when he pats my belly and asks, “when’s the bambino coming?” I laughed a little bit and tried to ignore him, but he tried again; “when’s the bambino coming? Or is it a bambina?” Finally I said…”oh, I’m not pregnant.” Of course he felt terrible and fell all over himself to apologize and then I felt like I had to assure him it was okay and that it must have been what I was wearing and I didn’t think I was fat. I think that was the fastest fitting I’ve ever been through.

Ugh…speaking of fat – the fat currently padding my middle more than I would like – I went running because it’s GORGEOUS outside today and those three miles were rather tough going. Plus we are going to Hawaii in June with my family and I’d rather not be sporting those extra 15 or so pounds of jiggles when we go. Henry and I did Weight Watchers last spring and it was so great. I was feeling better about my body than I have in years – especially during and right after my wedding. Then we quit and instantly gained most of it back. Why, why, why??? I’m having a hard time facing the fact that I’m not 19 anymore and I can’t just eat everything I want. Here’s to starting again! Day 1! Hawaii here we come!!!

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