Wedding Re-do: Location, location, location

I’m not going to turn into one of those people who has absolutely nothing to do with weddings in her real life but just keeps on daydreaming about redoing her wedding over and over. Actually, what I’m really saying is that I won’t become a wedding junkie and subject you all to endless re-do inspiration boards. I’m sure at some point I’ll move on to other people’s weddings. Like my sister’s, perhaps.

There is nothing quite so tantilizing to the female soul as this venue. Think about it: you get to dress everyone and decorate everything exactly to your heart’s content. And everyone has to look at your pictures and eat the food you like and listen to your music. I just love weddings. It’s not just my own wedding I’d love to re-do. I’d love to make someone else’s wedding happen. Nothing would delight me more than to plop a big pile of magazines down in front of some unmarried friend to help her decide her own style and then translate that to an entire day.

One of the things I wish we’d done is not worry so much about having the traditional things included and only done what we wanted at our reception. I.e…no cake or cupcakes and certainly no cutting of cupcakes! I also wish we’d had a more organized reception. Oh well, not gonna go there.

So anyway, what I wouldn’t change is our location and our day. We had the most beautiful, sunny day in September in LaPorte. And I wouldn’t change our little white frame chapel in the orchard for anything. If I had it to do over again, we’d only invite our families and close friends: as many as could fit in our chapel. We wouldn’t worry about inviting everyone – we’d plan some kind of party closer to where they live. And I’d have an outdoor reception in my parents’ back yard with croquet and bacce ball and a bonfire and paper lanters and not worry about having to get everyone to dance. Ironically, with a smaller location and more intimate gathering, I’ll bet everyone would want to dance. Not that I’m complaining about the look of our reception place! It ended up being really beautiful. And people did dance!

So, here’s my location inspiration board. It’s pretty basic. Wait ’til I get to clothes and flowers!!! I’ve already told Henry that I want to plan a dance party for my 30th birthday (2 years away) so that I can decorate and arrange flowers and design invitations all over again. 🙂

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