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Awesome Etsy sellers in Wheaton

July 21, 2009

As a new Etsy seller, I am often overwhelmed by how much this site has to offer. The Storque, of course, is an invaluable resource and they are kind enough to send a weekly email with featured articles. I have a backlog of those to read! 🙂 

Today is a technology day for me so I am checking out some of these sites I use more thoroughly and it’s amazing how much I overlook when I go on etsy. I figured out how to find my favorites’ favorites right away. That’s been a great way to find cool new stores and I could spend a few hours every week doing this if I wanted. I just noticed today, however, that you can search for stores in your area. Here are some of my favorites from Wheaton:

spring is coming I promise


 strawberries with bird legs


spring is coming I promise


I had to limit myself to only three images from MelissaSue. This is just a taste of her cuteness. Next up is calligraphy from BellesLettresDesigns:

Calligraphy sample


birthday card


So talented! 

Last but not least, a great purse from lessileigh:

yellow purse


There are so many more great stores in Wheaton. I’ll definitely do this again!